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About Coach Ron


My Story

My ADHD story starts at 12 years old, when I was diagnosed as inattentive. At the time, I wasn't encouraged to be proud of having ADHD and was told to keep that part of me hidden from peers and teachers, to avoid ridicule. I developed a disappointment in my flaws and covered them up with masking and excuses. I floated from job to job, and hobby to hobby, stacking up shame and guilt along the way.  After years of beating myself up, I decided to go to therapy and got back in touch with my ADHD self. It was during this time I found an online community of ADHDers doing the exact opposite of what I had been taught to do as a child. They were accepting of who they were and telling the world about it.



Seeing so many people advocating for others like me, gave me the confidence to do the same. I started posting videos of my experiences and things I had learned about ADHD. It became my mission in life to make ADHD more universally recognized, understood, and accepted. On a much deliberated impulse, I decided to get certified for ADHD Coaching at ADDCA. I was so hesitant to take this journey at first, mostly due to the stigma I had faced my whole life about not finishing things I started, but ultimately felt so certain that this was the path I needed to take. Even though I had no idea where it would take me.


I realize I'm lucky to have the privilege to, not only be able to help people for a living, but to show my authentic self proudly. I want people to know that not being able to have that privelege does not mean you are less of an advocate. We are all going through our own battles and your experience as an ADHDer is unique and VALID.

*I've finished training at ADDCA, collected my hours, and am awaiting ICF certification

The ADHD Coaching Process

It might not be magic, but it can definitely feel like it. Though ADHDers tend to be highly intuitive people, we can lose a lot of our confidence in that intuition because of outside noise and pressure. Coaching allows us to stop and uncover what those intuitions are telling us, which allows us to make sense of what we want and how to get it. You have all of the answers already. I'm here to help you uncover them.  

Our brains can be fast. And though ADHD is described as a deficit of attention, it would be more accurate to say that we pay TOO much attention. With awareness levels off the chart, an ADHD brain is constantly running, and priorities are run by emotions and not given a ton of thought. It can be exhausting. A coaching session just untangles the mess. It's like stuffing all of your thoughts and responsibilities into a closet, and being too overwhelmed with them to open it up. But if you had someone there to help you do it... judgement free, it would be a lot less daunting. 

Coaching is meeting all of our thoughts and feelings with curiosity instead of judgement. Instead of, "WHY CAN'T I DO THIS?!" we come at things with... "hmm... I wonder what's preventing me from doing this?" When we change the perspective, frustration, fear, and shame, are replaced with grace, compassion, and solution. And THAT is the real #ADHDHack. 

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