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Life can be challenging with ADHD. The goal through coaching is not to change who you are, or "fix" your ADHD, but to find solutions using the things that make you unique. When we find our authentic self, great things can happen.

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I came across Ron on Instagram and knew from the first video that this is who I want guiding me through my ADHD journey. I wanted to connect with other ADHDers and build a sense of community and Ron’s group coaching does just that – it provides a safe space to share both struggles and wins, knowing that your experiences are relatable and understood by everyone in the group. With a perfect mix of knowledge, humor, and compassion, Ron offers much needed insight and guidance in this group. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an awesome ADHD community and who wants to start working WITH their brain to find their own unique path to happiness and success.

Amanda P.

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